First real post – with a picture and everything!

I’m no good at this blogging business, to please bear with me while I figure it all out. I knew I had to post something soon, or else I’d lose my motivation and this blog would go the way of so many of my other projects. That is, nowhere.

So here we go – a project in progress. I started Christmas Eve last year (I remember watching Mass on TV at my parent’s house). This is only the second real quilt I’ve made, and my first for a particular person and purpose. It’s also the first time I’ve attempted triangles.

It is intended for my son’s godfather, a Texas Tech alumni, hence the color scheme. I had a good deal of red and black fabrics, and it took me a while to find a pattern I liked that felt masculine enough. The pattern I originally followed didn’t call for any sashing, but since I worked from my scrap stash and didn’t have the required amounts of fabrics for the pattern, the end result was a lot more random and felt too chaotic when I put it together without sashing.

My next issue was trying to think of a way to organize the blocks, which took a few weeks of rearranging before I gave up and set it aside for a while. Then one night I woke up with an epiphany! Tetris blocks!

red and black and tech all over

It’s not perfect, but I grouped blocks that looked enough alike for the most part together into Tetris like configurations, and honestly, this arrangement was the most pleasing to my own eyes, and so that’s what I went with. There are a few random blocks placed here and there, but by the time I had nearly finished arranging everything, I didn’t care. They ended up where they ended up. My husband said I was over-thinking it anyway.

Now I’m trying to decide what kind of borders I want to put on. I was thinking a black one inch border around everything to continue the sashing, and then a gray one inch border around that, and then maybe another black border, but three inches or so this time around all of that with black binding. The backing with probably be licensed Texas Tech flannel or fleece, with no batting and tied together.

Look! I did it! A post! I’ve got some ideas for future posts, too. So coming up – a post with ceramics updates, this quilt as I finish it, and maybe (if I can find it) the first quilt I ever made. I’ll try to snap better photos of this one as well.


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