another project to introduce (sorry!)

I apologize for the lack of updating. I’m still not sure how much I want to update here. I like this blog so much already, and so I want to do more than my original one-post-a-week thing. That, and I have about a million different craft projects going on over here.

With all these different projects, things are getting chaotic, so I’d like to try to organize it a bit. What I’m going to do is tag the heck out of each of my entries, and that way it might make it a bit easier to follow the progress of one particular project. I’ve never been the type to just work on one at a time, and I prefer to keep a record of what I’m working on as I work on it and not all at the end. I’m going to go back to my previous entries and re-tag as necessary, and give a name to each project. I hope that helps me and anyone reading this keep better track of progress. 😀

Now on to what I did in the past few days!

1. Finished the first border on the Texas Tech pinwheel quilt. It’s just a little bit of progress, and I’ve got two more borders to sew on, so I didn’t bother photographing that.

2. Got block 3 finished of a botm package my SIL bought from Joann’s ages ago. I started it about 7 months ago, but I only work on it here and there.

Here are my first three blocks –

I’m really excited about these. I’ve discovered I really enjoy doing these block of the month quilts because I get to do little “snack sized” portions of the quilt in a sitting, and I am introduced to new blocks that I might not have otherwise tried. After showing these to my husband, he decided we were going to keep this quilt, and not give it away.

3. I signed up for another botm club, this time through livejournal. Each month a member chooses a block, and we all dig through our stash and make it. Perhaps if anyone is interested, I can also post each block’s instructions on here, so you can follow along as well! I’ve chosen my colors for this one (but I’m not teeeeelllling!) but haven’t made my final fabric choices. As I make each one I will most definitely post pictures!

That’s all I’ve got for now, friends. I’ have an unwell toddler and he’s gong crazy!


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