Block of the Month, Month 1

While it initially didn’t take me long to figure out what color combinations I wanted for this child oriented block of the month quilt, it did take me a good while to narrow down what fabrics I actually wanted to use. Like I’ve written before, I’m not a huge fan of just pink or blue. Lately I’ve loved more neutral colors, like gray, orange, brown, tan, yellow, and greens.

For this quilt I wanted green, yellow, and gray –

A few days ago, the first month’s block was announced – Eccentric Star,

Here is my first block with my fabrics

I think I may alternate green and yellow and have the gray as a common color throughout. I’m not completely 100% on that though. I tried all sorts of different combinations, and ended up with a more light + medium fabric combo instead of more contrast.  Making this block was so much fun I decided I’d do another one with a completely different set of fabrics –

I probably should have planned my cutting better, since the brown is a directional fabric, but oh well! My corners also don’t line up too well with the first block either. I’m still such a newbie with triangles, and the yellow fabric was significantly thinner in body than the gray, so there was a small amount of puckering that I hope you’ll forgive me for.

I’ve never seen this block in this arrangement before, and I thought it was really lovely. As you can probably tell, it looks like I’ll be doing two quilts for this challenge, but that’s fine. I still haven’t decided what organization I’d like to give these to, but I’ve got plenty of time.

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