Boring update.

Sorry it’s been so quiet here. I have been busy working on everything, but not making so much progress to take pictures.Mostly I’ve been a little slammed with my etsy shop, so that takes up a lot of my sewing time.

1. Yesterday I got the last of the borders onto the Texas Tech pinwheel quilt, and today I got it basted and framed, so I should be able to get it tied over the weekend and the binding on next week. I’ll photograph it when it’s all finished. With the leftover backing fabric and scraps from the front I am making a matching pillow. I’m going to try Cathedral Windows, since I love the way it looks, and a pillow seems like a nice way to try it out without having to commit to a full blanket.

2. Today I will hopefully finish cutting the pieces for the second flannel quilt and be able to start piecing them this week. I have to say, these flannel quilts are not my favorite, and so when I have time to work on projects, I usually pick something else. But I’m never going to whittle down my flannel stash unless I actually DO something, so I’m making myself work on it. Cutting is one of my least favorite steps, and I picked a more complicated (but still pretty simple) pattern (see this entry).  My next flannel quilts will be simpler.

3. I finally got around to making a new cover for my ironing board. My last was about three years old and poor quality and GROSS.

My MIL found some heavier fabric from her stash and gave it to me, and I used the leftover batting from the pinwheel quilt to cushion it. It’s not falling apart and dirty, so I’m pleased with it!









And the rest of my day? I played in the bubbles with this guy –

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