Nebula Bargello pre-border

I just finished photographing the quilt top I did in my weekend class at Joann’s. The process was a lot of fun – I really enjoyed designing the curves of this bargello, but I am really *meh* about the result, which is a little surprising since the fabrics are very non-meh.

Here it is -(that bit at the bottom is the chair I was standing on)

I think I feel so indifferent about it because it doesn’t look anything like I was expecting. I thought some of the medium tones would read a little darker, but they ended up being REALLY BRIGHT and so my space quilt turned into a Lisa Frank rainbow quilt.

I learned a lot from this quilt, though. I learned that all the advice about pressing properly is actually important, especially on those really narrow strips, because I totally distorted some strips of the quilt enough that the bottom was all wonky, and when I squared it up I actually completely lost some part of the fabrics squares along the bottom. I think if I do another one of these (which I would like to sometime in the future), I will starch the fabric first, and take more care when pressing seams.

For the border, binding, and backing I’ve chosen these fabrics –

I think the blue border will pull the blue from the quilt top and frame it nicely, and provide more of a darker balance (let’s hope so!), and I just thought the outer fabrics was super cool and deep space looking. It’s going to be both the binding and backing. As for quilting, I’ve purchased deep purple and gold thread, and I might outline the curve (maybe gold for the lighter fabrics, and purple for the darker? maybe the other was around? maybe gold on top and purple on bottom? maybe the other way around? I don’t know!!)

While I shopped for those two fabrics, I hit up some other crafts stores around my area to look for some fat quarters and 1/4 yard cuts to fill up some holes in my fabric stash. The BOTM I am doing (starting here) is frustrating me to no end. The block this month is Card Tricks and I CANNOT find fabrics that I like to do it in that will go with last month’s block. I’ve thought about it so much that I can’t remember what I like and what I don’t, and so I know that now what I need to do is just put all of my fabric away for a few days, and go with my gut feeling when I pull them out again.

In the next few days I’m also going to start something I’m calling “UFO June”, and dig out some old, unfinished projects and see if I can get a few done.

8 thoughts on “Nebula Bargello pre-border

  1. It’s interesting to see how near-by fabrics can change the look of things (leaving your medium blues looking brighter rather than darker). I’m sure it’ll help darken the look of the quilt though, if you use that darker blue border. It’s a really gorgeous print, anyway.

    • The border and backing fabrics are pretty enough to get me excited about finishing this quilt, because after a few days of looking at it, I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I think it’s neat, and I might have liked it more had someone else made this, but I hate how rainbow-y it is. When I first picked out the fabrics and lined them up, they still didn’t read that dark, but I thought that might change as I made this quilt (I had NO way to picture it in my mind). Now I know better, enough to be almost 100% sure on my fabrics before starting.

      • My plan is to give it away, and then it won’t matter so much :p.

        Your stuff is amazing to look at, by the way. It makes me think of the Bayeux Tapestry – a piece of work I’ve always found pretty interesting.

      • the antependium piece is the same basic technique as the bayeux, but about three centuries later so it has more complexity – its actually quite itneresting as I work on it to compare them

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