UFO June

I meant to get to this a few hours ago, but my son fell asleep in this office chair watching episodes of Pingu, a silly Swedish claymation cartoon that he just loooooves.

Last entry I mentioned I’d like to try something I’m going to call UFO June, UFO meaning UnFinished Objects. I’m pretty sure all crafters have at least a few of them, and depending on your craft personality, some remain UFO’s forever, some for 30 years, and some for just a few years. For me, after sitting for a few years, I think the materials need to be either made into whatever they were intended for, or dissolved into other projects. I hate having too many UFO’s around. My time threshold is usually between 3-5 years, but ideally not more than 2 or 3.

So, in preparation for this month, earlier today I dug around in my craft tote where all of my non-quilting stuff is stashed, and looked for unfinished projects. This is what I found –

I had forgotten that when I packed this over a year ago, I was actually planning on this day! Well, not UFO June, but the day I’d pull out stuff to finish because I’d either need the space, or would just get so tired of toting it around.  In this box I found the four sewing projects I can remember starting and not finishing (I’m not including the several crocheting projects that are in various states of completion because I haven’t been in the mood to crochet in over a year).

These are what I hope to finish, or make significant progress on, in the next month –

Ugh, the first one I pull out is also the most dreaded Hanukkah Table Runner. This has been in this sorry state for going on five years (my husband and I weren’t even engaged, and our fourth anniversary is next week). I found this table runner in a magazine after I pieced my first lap quilt, a simple rain fence pattern. I knew ( and still know) nothing about foundation piecing, but I thought it was pretty and my mom saw it and requested it, as she’s always wanted stuff to decorate for this holiday. Most of the fabric is already cut, and I have all the supplies. I don’t think this one be the one I start with, but I promise I WILL start on it.

These are Christmas stockings I started last summer, but set aside when my etsy shop took off. Another request from my mother – our family Christmas stockings were falling apart after 25 years of use, and we had additional family members to take into account, so we needed more anyway. They look a little shabby now, since they’ve been shoved in a bag for a year, but I think a little ironing will do some good. I will share one breakthrough memory I had with these – electric scissors! My wrists hurt SO MUCH after cutting out the pattern pieces, so my dad gave me his Black and Decker Electric Shears. They were amazing – I could cut through 8 layers of fabric around wacky angles and save my poor wrists.

My third project is this apron.

I originally intended this apron to go to my cousin, but then I took too long on it and she went and bought a handmade apron that’s probably about 1000x better than this one is going to be. Maybe I’ll use it. Or maybe I’ll give it to my mom. I’ll see I guess. The fabric is covered in cat hair, and so I’ll need to launder it all before I start. This or the stockings will probably be the first thing I work on.

And last –

This bundle of wadded fabric are the beginnings of some quilted placemats. I’ve made a few of these four piece sets, and they are really simple strip piecing with quick in the ditch quilting. I have no idea who these may go to. I may keep them for myself and my future kitchen table, as I have no placemats.

As for my ongoing projects, I’ve got the borders on the bargello, and I’m about to start hand stitching the tiles on the Cathedral Window pillow.

With all that, plus the revamp of my etsy shop and staying on top of that, it looks like I’ve got a lot on my plate this month!

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