I didn’t do anything this week.

I’ve been so terrible at updating this week. There won’t be any pictures in this post either, because I’ve not really done enough to warrant taking a picture to show.

My etsy shop has been very busy, and so I have spent most of my sewing time trying to keep on top of my orders. I have a lot more custom orders this month because there are a lot of weddings, and so that tends to take up a lot more time. I’ve also orded lots of new fabrics for the fall and winter, and getting those ready to be photographed and then listed will take up a great deal more time. I’ve realized I have to start work on new fabrics about six month in advance of when I want to get them out because it takes me FOREVER. I was able to get out a few 4th of July fabrics for next month just a few weeks ago, and there are still some I haven’t finished (and so they probably won’t be ready in time… I’ll just have to list them next year).

I did go to a quilt guild meeting last Tuesday, and met a lot of wonderful ladies and saw a lot of lovely quilts. I think I may join it to expose myself to other quilters.

As far as my UFO June is going – it’s going pretty poorly. I did go through my projects, and I was able to discern whether or not some of them were even worth it. I looked through my Christmas stocking that I had begun, and the quality was not something I liked very much. I started those when  I was still so new at sewing, and didn’t understand things like interfacing, or that I could choose different ones other than what the pattern called for. What the pattern called for was so hard for me to work with, and made everything so stiff. My stitches were awful, too. So I salvaged the big pieces of fabric and threw the rest away. Maybe some other time. Or maybe I’ll just buy nice stockings.

I also went through my apron pattern. I had only cut out the pattern pieces for that, and not any of the fabric. I decided that since I didn’t even have a kitchen at the moment, and I don’t wear aprons when I cook anyway, that there was no point in making something that no one was going to use and would probably look bad anyway, so I put the pattern pieces away and incorporated the fabric into my stash. I may try some simple cotton skirts in the future.

I don’t know how much I’ll get done in this coming week, either. I have to take my son to the doctor and get myself in for some issues and a physical, and finish more etsy orders.

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