I’m going to try this again

As I posted earlier, I had a long entry ready to go, but it, for whatever reason, failed to update properly.

Despite the lack of activity on here, I have been very busy with my sewing machine. I just haven’t made much progress on anything to make it worth taking pictures. I’ve primarily been focused on my etsy shop. June has been much busier than I thought it might be. I’ve only been in business a year, and so since I was just getting started last year, that June was much slower. I’m thankful I’ve had so much business, but it has made it harder to get to my fun projects.

I finished quilting the bargello quilt sometime last week. I just need to finish the binding and get it photographed. I will discuss that quilt in more detail in it’s own entry.

The cathedral window pillow is also still not finished, although it’s nearly there. I missed the birthday it was intended for, but I won’t be seeing him for a while, so I suppose that’s okay.

I just bought a batik dyeing kit, so in the next few weeks my SIL and I are going to try our hands at that.

And obviously, my UFO was an absolute failure. I did remove two projects altogether, but I didn’t make any real progress on the two remaining. Perhaps I’ll give it another try in the fall.

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