Finished Quilt! (the nebula bargello)

I’m finally updating! I don’t know why it has seemed like I’ve been so busy. I sit down to write an entry, and then several days pass before I finish it, and I don’t know where the time went.

So here it is – “Nebula”, or as I’ve taken to affectionately calling it “How I accidentally murdered Lisa Frank” –

I think the border made all the difference for me. Before the border it was just way too bright. For some reason I thought the medium tones would read as darker instead of lighter and brighter. It was a really quick quilt to put together, and once I got over how much I hated it at first, it was pretty fun. I’ve got an idea for a second one in the works, but I’m taking my times picking out fabrics, and I’m going to use the bargello program to test out a few fabrics before I do any cutting.

I learned several things with this quilt. I learned that being an aggressive presser can be a bad thing, as I distorted the thinner blocks pretty bad at first. The next time I do a quilt like this I will starch it first. I will also pay better attention to what direction I’m pressing and sewing my seams. I also used a walking foot for the first time, and I did a little free motion quilting for the first time on the border. The binding and border are also mitered at the corners, something I’ve never done before this quilt but like the look of.

Here is a close up of the backing fabric I used. I thought I had a picture from further away, but it seems I do not. Next is a close up of the border/binding and quilting.

I chose to freehand some stars around the border, because I can’t seem to follow even marked lines yet when I free motion quilt. I also thought they fit with the spacey theme I ended up with. There are a lot of mistakes with this quilt, but overall I did learn a whole lot, and my brother likes it (it’s for him when he gets home from CERN), so I guess I’ll count it as a success!

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