BoTM Month 3 (July)

I’m really late in getting this round finished and photographed. I only finished sewing these two last night! Here are the instructions for this block. It’s called “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too”.

This first one is for my brown and pink set (obviously). I had to fussy cut the center square to frame the print. I could have done a better job getting the four surrounding triangles to at least face the right way, but I am still having a hard time envisioning how something is going to look when I’m cutting. If you remember at all, my first block in these colors is a little louder. I think I like the more muted pinks, so I am trying to incorporate some of the fabrics from the “loud” block into other blocks to it doesn’t stand out so badly.


Here is the second version of this same block.

I think the gray/green/yellow combination is a lot of fun, and I’m really enjoying these a lot.
The next block has already been announced. It’s Jacob’s Ladder.

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