Finally some pictures

It took about a week longer than I meant for it to, but I finally have a few pictures of some finished projects and some other works in progress to share.
First up is the cathedral windows pillow I started in June to go along with the Texas Tech pinwheel quilt I made. The fellow the quilt was for and the fellow the pillow is for are brother who are due to move into their first home sometime in the next month or so, so while I missed the birthday deadline for the pillow, it can still be a nice housewarming gift I think.

Sorry there are little bits of fibers I couldn’t completely get off for the picture. Something about having a pillow with black fabric laying around for several months means that dust and things will stick to it.

Here’s a shot of the back –

I wasn’t sure what size pillowform to buy when I purchased it ages ago, so I went with a 16″ because my SIL said to buy it bigger than the pillow to make it fluffier. The finished pillow was supposed to be about 14.5″, but  I sewed it a little small, so the back flaps don’t overlap entirely as they should. I suppose I could have just made them bigger, but oh well. Also, isn’t that fabric obnoxious? I still have about 3/4 of a yard left over and I have NO IDEA what in the world I am going to do with it. I suppose I’ll keep it and use it for more gifts for these same two guys. I could make like, potholders or something.

I also finally got around to sewing the label onto my brother’s bargello quilt (remember the nebulae bargello?) and gave it to him last week. No pictures, though. It was just the label I needed to add.

I know it can be a little confusing to use a single entry to update on a lot of different projects, but since that’s usually how I work (a little on one, a little on another, back and forth, start a new one, and so on), I guess it’s okay that that’s how I update this blog.

Moving on, here are the completed Jacob’s ladder blocks from a block of the month group I’m in (to read about previous blocks, just click the tag for botm2 at the bottom of this entry. That way I don’t have to link a ton of entries where I’ve only discussed that project a little bit). Version 1 is pink and brown –

And version 2 is green and gray –

I didn’t realize I hadn’t squared them up before I took photographs, but I did afterwards, so they look a little cleaner now. I wish I could visualize my cutting a bit better before I construct the block because I’m noticing the direction of the fabric is really bugging me. It’s something I know some people don’t give to craps about, and I didn’t think I did either until I started putting these together. I suppose the only way to get better is to practice, like with these botm’s, and working more with triangles, but it stands out to me so much. I know it’s not really that bad, having the fabric go several directions in a block means there really isn’t a true “up” or “down”, which will be nice when I put it all together (and I know that once it is all together, the mismatched directions won’t stand out so much), but for now, it still gets under my skin a bit. I’ve noticed more now that as I choose fabrics for these blocks, I am shying more and more away from things like plaids or stripes anything that feels too much like a directional fabric for this reason, and I think that might be to my detriment. The next block, one called Glory Boxes. I’ve got those nearly pieced, so hopefully I’ll get those up shortly. I made some goofy mistakes with those particular blocks, but they still turned out alright.

In the next entry I’ll also post some pictures of my progress on my disappearing nine patch placemats, now that I finally have all the fabric I need to finish them.

OH OH! I did want to mention – In early November my mother and I are driving down to Houston to go to the International Quilt Festival! I was so excited when I learned earlier this year it was held in my own home state, not more than a four hour drive away. I’ll be sure to get lots of pictures (and I absolutely plan on spending lots of money on fabric and toys and whatever catches my eye).

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