I disappeared for a bit

Sorry about that. Just as I felt my crafting energy was coming back, and I had my trip to the International Quilt Festival in Houston to look forward to, I got some rather happy news – DH and I are expecting again. I’m currently about 14 weeks along and due mid June sometime.

I won’t say it’s been easy, physically or emotionally. Losing the last two at seven weeks has certainly altered how my husband and I look at this current pregnancy. While we are overjoyed, I don’t think we will actually feel relieved and happy until we’ve got a baby in our arms. At 14 weeks so many things can still happen, and even if they are unlikely, I know the possibility is there. I know many friends and relatives who have had to live through nightmares, so no relaxing yet.

Physically, my energy has been completely zapped. I’m only just now able to crawl off the couch and take care of my regular cleaning chores. Sewing has taken a total backseat, and I haven’t been able to do ANYTHING except keep up with my etsy orders.

Anyway, I’ll certainly update about pregnancy stuff now and then. I’m hoping I get some more energy back in the next few weeks. I’ll be putting my shop on vacation, and maybe then I can finish some of my 7943653954 unfinished projects.

OH! I do have a few pictures from the festival. There were so many quilts and so many booths than even if I had a week I would have still been completely overwhelmed. I did make a few fabric purchases, and got some nice ideas. I’ll try to post about it soon, I promise!

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