Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. Husband and I certainly did, although it was probably the most boring New Years we’ve ever had! We decided to just stay home and do our normal routine – I sewed a bit and watched Midsomer Murders ( I love that show!!) and he watched movies on Netflix and played with our son for a bit. Then, at a little after midnight, we went to bed. Then Mass this morning and now back to the daily grind!

I’ve been really inspired to organize my daily life a little bit more, and so with that I think I will try to schedule in blog time, at least once a week or so. I still haven’t decided a direction for this blog. Originally I thought a craft journal, but I may branch out to include other aspects of what I’m doing and might like to log, like when I eventually start more formal homeschooling with my son and whatnot.

My camera is on a bit of a hiatus, as my son decided it was his and now it’s got smear marks all over it. I could just clean it off, and I will, but it’s not a very good camera (it was the cheap one we grabbed on our honeymoon almost five years ago when we realized we didn’t own a single picture taking device!). My husband has been so sweet and has decided he’d like to get another camera for me, so I’m holding off on pictures until then… not that I’ve got anything to photograph just yet, save for a few suspender and bow tie sets for my etsy shop.

I don’t have any real resolutions for the new year – I never usually do. Normally, when I have the inspiration to change something, I like to do it right then instead of waiting for a particular date. This time around it just happens to coincide with the start of another calender year, so there you go. Some goals I’m trying to set for myself are to maintain a cleaner home, and to stay a bit more organized. I had forgotten just how exhausting the first trimester of pregnancy can be, and so with that plus the last year of chaos (including the periods of grief and readjustments from my last miscarriages), I have completely fallen off the homemaker bandwagon. Plus, the boy child is nearly three, and I *really* want to have more activities for him and a more organized day so when we transition into schooling in a few years, we are both in practice. I’m sure I’ll ruminate on all of this in the future as I make progress 🙂

Have a great day!

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