Organization Progress POST ONE GO!

I’ve been promising pictures for ages, and guess what? Still don’t have any. I don’t have a good excuse – I’ve recently decided to move all of my blogging and etsy stuff over to my laptop instead of my desktop (no real reason for that either, other than my husband is trying to beat all the scenarios in Starcraft II on brutal difficulty), and I just haven’t actually taken the time to upload my recent pictures. It’s like, the SD card reader is all the way over there and the computer is over here and it seems beyond me to actually just reach over James and grab it.

Not that I’ve been completely lazy in everything! I’ve actually been quite a good little housewife and I’ve made a chore to-do list every single day except Sunday and I get nearly everything done and the house has been tidier and I’ve even folded clothes within JUST ONE DAY of washing them (I do laundry once a week because we don’t have a lot of clothes and I don’t sort them. That’ll come later when I’ve got my own washer). I’ve been working on my etsy shop and writing down my mileage in my car and I’ve been sewing some fun sewing too! I’ve even started putting together a home organization binder. This binder is the original inspiration, and when I get a bit more income from my shop, I fully intend to purchase her print outs and finish my own binder. Seriously – hers looks amazing and the layout is something I think I could actually follow with a few modifications.

In other areas, hubby and I still haven’t put together a detailed budget, but we have made a few significant chances to our own to help curb spending. One of the biggest (at least it feels the biggest, because it involved calling our credit card company and that always makes me nervous and I make James do it), was canceling that feature on our credit card that allows us to go over our limit by a bit in case of “emergency”. Now, our credit card has a teeny limit of $750 and we use it for a lot of the smaller bills and for extra spending like going out to eat, and without that hard upper limit, we were almost always going over and getting that lovely fee. So now the plan is 1) pay off total balance every month when it’s due and 2) if we hit the limit, it’s done for the month. It’s our only credit card, and we’ve built that payment into our budget, so I think it should help us.

As for my promise to myself and my son that I’d try to get more organized for future homeschooling and activities, I’m doing well on that as well. After Epiphany (January 6), we started going to a homeschool play group my cousin invited us to in a nearby town every Wednesday. It’s very unofficial, mostly just an excuse for moms to get out of the house and have some grown up time, and it gives the kids a chance to socialize and play. If it could be called a co-op, the only thing we co-op is recess. Sometimes, someone will put together an outing and we go together to get a group rate. The first one Kostya and I will be going to is the brand new Perot Museum this Tuesday, and I am SO EXCITED. James is off that day and will be coming with us, so I’ll try to grab a few pictures and maybe even upload them before the Second Coming.

Now to actually plug that darn SD card reader and get something on this computer!!

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