Organization progress yay!

I’ve been doing really well so far, sticking to my daily to-do lists and getting some much needed decluttering done. I don’t have any pictures of it all, it’s all kind of boring and to be honest, I didn’t think to take pictures until now. If I don’t start the task while I’ve got the energy to do it and spend precious minutes looking for the camera and getting stuff ready, it’ll never get done.

I went ahead and purchased a large package of home binder sheets for all occasions, ranging from daily to do’s and cleaning to my organizing my etsy shop and fitness goals. It’s an amazing set. Here’s a link to it. One problem I’ve run into is that I’m completely overwhelmed with the number of options I’ve got now! I’m going through them all slowly and picking out the ones I will most likely use, since I don’t want to print out 300 sheets!

In addition to that, I’ve cleaned a few problem areas in our apartment area. They’re hardly noticeable  but they’ve needed attention since we moved in and just tossed our stuff everywhere. I cleaned out a lot of old books I’ll never read (like my collection of Heidegger from college) and my ceramics books, since I’m pretty sure I’m done with that. I went through some favorite pictures and put them in frames and have them displayed, and today, after a few days of random and general lethargy, I cleaned off the top of my husband’s desk to make room for my new binder systems (before it was just random crud that did nothing but collected dust). Then James and I went through about six years of papers we had collected but never organized and burned the ones we didn’t need, and put together folders with all of our personal information. I am so relieved to actually know where our SS cards our now, and he found our marriage license after I lost it two years ago! Really, the gathering of our super important personal information was one of the most important task on my never ending list of things to clean and declutter, so I am feeling pretty good right now. Everything else just isn’t as important (save for getting our tax information together as it comes in, but I can’t do anything about that now).

I’ve got two blocks from my block of the month group ready, so that will be in an upcoming post.

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