As promised, quilting update

I’m about three months behind on my block of the month group over at livejournal. The last one has been announced, and I still need to copy the instructions for that one and the one before into my notebook. The pieces have been cut for the one before that, but I haven’t sewn them together. While I have enjoyed the process of the block of the month,  I am rather glad this one is just a nine month round, because I’ve come up with a few new color schemes I’m dying to try out and I’m a little bored with these.

Here are the finished pieces for what I believe is month five, called Glory Boxes.

V1 IMG_0013I totally apologize for the wonkiness of the pictures. I couldn’t get a good angle without terrible shadow from my hands and camera. These were also the first two pictures I uploaded from my new camera onto a different computer and used a different photo editing program. I don’t remember what it’s called, and it’s got more options, but at first I didn’t really have the patience to figure out what I was doing, so in the first photo the color seems a tad over saturated and in the second, the pale pink comes off more orange-y than it actually is.

With these I made a lot of mistakes. #1, I didn’t cut accurately. I misread something, or got a bit lazy, and ended up cutting a lot of pieces that were supposed to be 7/8″ as 3/4″ instead. And then I only noticed about halfway through (and I cut both of these blocks at the same time, so they have the same mistakes at roughly the same places), so when I tried to remedy the problem, I ended up with inconsistently cut pieces. Then I wasn’t as careful as I should have been when I actually pieced, so some things are not straight and some corners don’t like up. For the pictures, I didn’t square up the blocks and trim them, which also lends to their overall messiness. I will try harder next time. This is what happens when you try to cut corners and don’t pay careful attention to measurements.

I made some similar mistakes with the next set of blocks, Waterwheel, but not to the same extent. Hopefully these will turn out a bit better.


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