Quilt Dreams

You know you’ve got a problem when you start *dreaming* about quilts, or even worse, that one of your favorite semi famous quilters has died (she hasn’t).

But seriously, that’s what happened last night. I spent the evening looking up how to join quilt as you go blocks, as the thought of quilting both versions of my botm quilts seems completely overwhelming. I got a voucher for a free class from craftsy from the quilt show in November, and decided to use it to take a class in FMQ. My block of the month pieces seem perfect for practicing new techniques in detail, as I know I’d just get lazy with a full quilt and do the simplest I could get by with.

But then I was too excited to sleep, even though I was completely exhausted. I stayed awake until the wee hours of the morning ruminating over my blocks and backing designs and which fabrics I’d use and what my next project might be before I finally fell asleep at the ungodly hour of three or so, only to them dream that my dear Leah Day (a great inspiration to me) had died! I had to check up on her website this morning to make sure she was fine.

So now I’m completely awake and mostly conscious. I hope to make the final fabric selections for my remaining blocks today and take the next portion of my class.

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