Homeschooling frustrations and I haven’t even started.

So, my little boy is three (well, in a few days). Which means of course that since he’s my oldest, and I am very excited about and have been looking forward to homeschooling since before he was conceived, I am READY TO START. Only, he’s not so ready. In fact, he is quite happy to completely ignore all of my advances on the coloring/alphabet singing/trying to just draw a straight line front and would rather sit in his sandbox for 18 hours in 40 degree weather. I KNOW, I KNOW, he’s a little boy. He’s only three. He is learning just fine in that sandbox and really, he doesn’t need to know more academically than he already does. I’m just really excited!!

It’s frustrating for me. I see moms all around me with their Mess O’ Kids, and they’ve either got a younger child who likes “playing school”, or they’ve accepted won’t play school and let them do whatever. I wonder how they got started with the first. I think Kostya would be more apt to want to do more schooly things with me if he had an old sibling or buddy. But he doesn’t. It’s just us most days, and the time we spend with our friends is for playtime.

I really do understand he has no need to sit down school time right now. I promise I do. Honestly, most of my desire to start some sort of routine is more for my own sake, since I tend to let his play time be time where I’m doing other things. It doesn’t help that despite my enthusiasm to start, I am completely unimaginative when it comes to crafts and activities. I sift through lists on pinterest and I think, “Oh goodness that looks messy” or “I’d never take the time to gather all those materials!” My kid craft stash consists of markers, crayons, clay, home made play dough (one of the few make at home for kids items I’ve actually attempted), some tempera paint (which I’ve never let Kostya touch), scissors and paper. Oh and stickers, but Kostya could not care less about stickers. Actually, he’s pretty unimpressed with everything excluding the play doh and clay. He doesn’t typically color, and if my husband does get him to color a bit (he’s much better at the get on the floor and do stuff than I am), it quickly turns into James drawing everything, with Kostya saying, “It’s your turn!” over and over.

But I’m determined. Even if we only get one measly little project done a week. So I’ve started compiling lists of resources with all the hard work already done. Most of these have been recommended to me, so I hope to sort through them as we move along. is a website with free lapbooks on a variety of subjects. I like the idea of lapbooks because since they are pretty much mini unit studies, we can focus on whatever it is Kostya seems to be interested in. And they are free. And all I have to do is print something out, and we can color, paint, count and talk about it together. I’m sure there are other more creative activities involved as well.

I’ve also grabbed the first three primers to the Explode the Code series, per recommendation of a friend with a young, active boy. She says her son loves these, so when Kostya seems interested, I’d like to try them. She’s also recommended Little Hands to Heaven, which looks like it could be a lot of fun. I don’t know really anything more about it, but I’ll keep reading.

Kostya will start his Faith Formation classes this fall at our parish, so I think that will probably be a good time for us to start. I could build off of what he learns in the class, and he *may* just start to get used to being able to sit still for more than four and a half seconds at a time. He will be six months older as well, so maybe more ready for this kind of stuff.

I’m also trying to think of a school name for us, but I’m at a complete loss. Something in Latin sounds too pretentious. I can’t think of anything clever using our name. I want our patron saint to be Saint Alfred the Great, patron saint of scientists, but I don’t know about using that in the school name. I’ll eventually start a blog just to log our schooling, but not until I can think of what to call it!

Pray for me. I’m nuts.

6 thoughts on “Homeschooling frustrations and I haven’t even started.

  1. I love your enthusiasm! Go girl! I agree with you that he might be more interested come fall . . . you will do a great job! Oh, and there are lots of simple crafts you can do with the materials you mentioned but I would suggest adding a few things like cotton balls, paper plates, and wiggly eyes – most of the crafts you’ll find on my site aren’t made with much more than those things. We do a letter of the week theme and I find that having a ‘theme’ of the week (doesn’t have to be alphabet – can be an animal, season, holiday or country) gets the kids interested in the activities I planned – so that might be a way to get your son more interested and enthusiastic about ‘school’ (but you don’t have to call it that of course!). Can’t wait to hear what you come up with for a name 🙂

    • I love the theme weeks! My friend does a letter of the week and I thought about doing something similar. Most of the materials I’ve got are letter themed, so that might be the easiest. I’ve followed your blog so I’ll check out what you’ve got!

  2. Everyday with a toddler is a learning day. When you are cooking, talk about the food and where it comes from and how it grows; and why our bodies need the various nutrition…right there you have a years worth of lessons….geography, logistics, nutrition etc. When you go to the zoo, it is a learning day, the library for story time etc. It’s called UN-SCHOOLING while they are so little. Worksheets and lessons can wait.

    • Haha, I know, I know. Thankfully, at this point, his personality is such that he really lets me know that he’s not interested in these things, so we move on. At this very moment he’s out in the sandbox with his Grammy, and he’s all packed up and ready for a trip to the zoo with my parents. Our “learning days” through the week are pretty much what you’ve described. We have a few days at the park where I let him run himself silly, and if it’s a slow day or a rainy day, it’s a trip to the library.

      It’s tough to step back and let him be who he is and work at his own pace. I know every child is different and works at different paces, but I let the enthusiasm bubble up in me when I see other kids his age starting to do the things I’ve always associated with school.

      I’m following his lead though, I promise! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Have you looked at making some sensory bins maybe? Pinterest has tons of ideas. Or going more Montessori for the time being?

    I have Little Hearts in my cart. Just trying to gather up the nerve to hit purchase!

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