BotM progress

I’ve done six of my blocks for this round, and have just three left to go. It might be a while before I get to those, since I haven’t picked out the fabric for them yet, much less cut or sewn anything.

This is block six, or Waterwheel010 011

Please please PLEASE forgive me on the awful quality of my photos, especially with the green and yellow blocks. I usually get around to photographing them late at night, so the lighting is awful, and I’m still playing with the settings on my camera and the photo editor I have. The picture seems to look nice on my camera when I take it, but when I upload it, it looks like crap.

Anyway, I’m kind of meh about these blocks. My fabric choices are fine, but I think the block itself is a little boring. I’ve been keeping a sketchbook of each block with instructions, and so far I have liked a few, but a few have been duds. There was one (number 8) I think, that I changed from what we chose in the group because it wasn’t technically a nine patch, so I will substitute an Ohio Star, because I’ve always liked the way those look.

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