Ready for a laugh?


i am the walrus

Pregnancy bigness happens so fast that I often wake up and completely forget I’m as big as a house. Finding clothing that fits comfortably has been an issue the whole pregnancy, and not being able to move like a normal person gets me down sometimes. But there was a kind man at Mass this morning who told me I “looked beautiful”, so that was nice! And at least the belly sticks out more than the bottom, which was a problem for a while.

And for fun, my darling little Kostya –

new spiderman costume!

new spiderman costume!

I’m procrastinating a bit by posting this picture. What I should be doing is 1)ironing the BoTMs I completed last night (I KNOW! I actually got to do some fun sewing!) 2)writing a proper update for this blog 3)packing and sorting and 4) planning future garden stuff.

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