We are moved in!

And by moved in I mean we are sleeping and eating here finally, but we still have items at the in laws and in our storage, and everything is a huge mess, so no pictures. I cooked dinner for the first time tonight and I have forgotten how much effort it can be! And I tried to keep it pretty simple, too. I made lemon pepper chicken (sprinkled lemon pepper seasoning on chicken, threw in oven), baked potatoes (threw in oven), a salad, and sauteed zucchini (sliced zucchini seasoned with chili powder and chopped garlic, sauteed in olive oil and butter). It tasted pretty good! Tomorrow is pork chops. I actually made a two week meal plan, too! It was hard remembering some of the easy things I cooked, and I’m trying to incorporate more salads and veggies in the mix. I will say, that first stocking up grocery trip where I completely filled my basket and had my three year old in tow last week was a bit much, and I was completely useless the next day, but I did it!

Another thing that is a bit hard to get used to are the floors. This house is built on a slab, has tile and laminate wood flooring throughout, and I’m 35 lbs heavier than normal (you know, 37 weeks pregnant and all), so my feet are swollen are absolutely killing me. I bought some house shoes that are helping, and James got a rug for the living area, but I need some in the kitchen too.

I can’t wait to get everything put together so I can show off our new place! Owning our first home is so cool! This house has been great so far – not too many problems at all. The dishwasher doesn’t work, so I am relearning the joys of having to handwash everything, and if we leave the tiniest bit of food out we get little sugar ants, but neither of those are awful.

I’m still not back to sewing. I tried to tonight, but I don’t have enough surface space to set up anything, and a lot of my stuff is still packed. I think tomorrow my entail a trip to Target or Walmart or SOMEWHERE so I can get a small table and just a few shelves.

As far as baby is going – he’s measuring right on schedule, the midwife isn’t concerned about anything, and I have my birth tub and need to get it set up (I’m planning a home waterbirth). Our washer and dryer aren’t working yet, so I have yet to wash the cloth diapers and receiving blankets, but I do have most of his clothing washed and put away. It’s crazy to think he will be here so soon!

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