Hey guess what?

Still pregnant. 39w2d.026


I’ve been making a lot of progress on the house – getting stuff unpacked and put away. We don’t have any bookshelves, so our books are still boxed up, but other than those and some odds and ends, most of our things are getting close to where we’d like to keep them. Still have a few things to pick up – computer chair for James (you can see Kostya in the background here in our living chair), some shelves, random storage things. Also need to run to the local Goodwill to donate a lot of the stuff that’s still cluttering our areas, but it’s not super important and it’ll get done eventually. I suppose that’s the nice thing about moving into a place much bigger than any other you’ve lived before – so much more space! Now to avoid the temptation to fill it with junk. I’m learning that if I just suck it up and buy whatever I need for proper storage as I need it instead of treating it like it’s something to do later and “just dealing with” our clutter, I feel a lot more happy and the place seems a lot more homey.

I’ve got the baby clothes and diapers all washed and folded.

022 023


Covers and diapers! It’s always fun to show off your stash. In the top picture is an assortment of different covers – some random WAHM handmade covers, some Thirsties, some I can’t remember because they were given to me ages ago. In the bottom picture are my diapers ranging from all-in-ones to some I made for Kostya to pocket diapers that I will stuff with the prefolds in the bottom right corner. Now that I’ve got my own washer and dryer, cloth diapering should be a little easier than it was when we were in an apartment and I had to either use the laundromat or my mom’s washer.

I’m still not ready to post pictures of the inside of the house yet. Despite my progress, I can’t get everything as clean and tidy as I’d like. I suppose what I could do is just get one room clean, photograph it, and then worry about the next room later and when I get them all done post them.

My husband did build a pretty nice sandbox in the backyard, though, so I can show you that. Building that first ended up being a great idea, because during the move, our son spent most of his time there and not underfoot, and still spends several hours in it every day.



I started a compost bin and I know it’s silly, but I’m so excited to start gardening that I check it every day. It’s small and only a week old, so of course nothing is really happening. While I’m definitely happy to be pregnant, I am also really ready to have this baby and start getting my mobility back. It’s tough having so many plans and not being able to do pretty much anything because I physically can’t do it.

3 thoughts on “Hey guess what?

  1. getting back mobility!? Don’t forget you’ll be glued to the couch nursing for another month or two 😉

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