He’s here!

George Arthur (hereby known in this blog as “Yuri”) was born Saturday morning at 8:38, 40w 2d gestation, 9lbs 3oz, and 21.25″ long.

just a few minutes old

just a few minutes old

I don’t know if you can tell by the picture, but he was pretty banged up. I was, too, but no one wants to see that.

It was a tough labor and delivery – so much tougher than Kostya’s. With Kostya, I woke up to my water breaking, and he was in my arms less than five hours later, with a nuchal hand and everything. He was also only 6lbs 15oz, even though he was 8 days late.

I was so foolish to think this labor would be similar. I was SO WRONG.

I planned a home water birth with same, wonderful, midwife as before. My contractions started Friday morning at around 2am, and were bad enough I couldn’t sleep. They never really got consistent in intensity, duration or frequency so I thought they might go away. My mom came over and I tried to doze, but I couldn’t.

By 2am Saturday,  I felt like things had gotten serious enough that I called my midwife and she came over. She told me baby was posterior and not progressing well because of it, so she helped me labor in a few positions that got him turned. With her help I dilated fairly quickly and started pushing at about 5am. Yuri kept turning though, even as he descended, and so after three hours I had made very little progress and was exhausted. By this point I had essentially been laboring 31 hours and was mentally done. My midwife told me that we had exhausted the tools she had, and that it might be time to transfer. At the hospital I could get a little pitocin to strengthen the contractions, and maybe an epidural to get some rest. At that point I didn’t care if they had to slice me end to end to get him out, so we all packed up and left.

Something happened on the way there, though. I don’t know if it was the position I sat in during the ride, or more just giving up all of my dignity, but after we got there and they rushed me to the delivery room, I felt Yuri crowning. They didn’t even get a gown on me, the doctor and half of the nurses weren’t there yet, and he came. My midwife and husband got to catch. Well, sorta. Yuri also got shoulder dystocia and so there had to be some maneuvering, but he was born and James was an awesome papa bear and never left his side as they evaluated him. And, a small miracle, I was still completely intact (you know what I mean) and didn’t need a stitch.

The poor baby was so bruised and purple and swollen, but all of that went away fairly fast. The nurses and the doctor did a bit of a double take when they announced his weight. 9lbs isn’t huge, but prepregnancy I weighed 90lbs (I’m 4″11).

one day old


He’s quite cute I think. He nurses like a champ.

Here are my two boys –

holding hands

holding hands

at home

at home



4 thoughts on “He’s here!

    • Thank you so much! I sure didn’t feel tough at the time, but I think just mentally giving up was kind of exactly what I needed to get the ball rolling. Surrendering to the process and not trying to control everything, you know?

  1. I think he is quite cute too 🙂 You did great. It is hard to make those sorts of decisions in the moment, but you did good 🙂 Even though his size isn’t shockingly big, it is such a big difference from #1 that it is kind of shocking.

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