I really tried to get a post in during July, but with baby it just wasn’t going to happen. Speaking of baby, he’s seven weeks and adorable and fat (14 lbs at his six week check up, and I only nurse!). He smiles and coos, and it generally a content little guy. He even sleeps 6-8 hours most nights ( a double edged sword there, as I’m pretty sure I can expect to experience a significantly shorter period of infertility than I did with Kostya – I didn’t return to fertility until 18 months postpartum with him, but he didn’t sleep through the night without nursing until well into 2 years).

Here’s a picture for fun – 007

And big brother with our tea set –



On to quilting!

As I wrote in my title, I finished something. Mostly. I completed all nine blocks in the block of the month I’ve been working on in both versions. These two are the churn dash block, obviously.014 013


And here is an Ohio Star variation – 015 012


And all of them together!  010


It took me a little while to decide how I wanted to sash these and pick a border fabric, but I have and hope to have that in progress soon.

I reopened my etsy shop and it’s hopping along quite well. For  my sanity, I am making a rule for myself that I MUST take at least Sunday off from the shop to relax and do fun sewing. I found that if I didn’t require this of myself, I’d work seven days a week and it would be months before work would slow down enough to quilt. My husband holds me accountable for this, and I don’t even check the etsy website on Sunday, but it has been so nice to start on that small stack of UFOs I have and work with fabrics and color again.

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