Starting again

I really enjoy having this blog, but even two years into it I still don’t have much of a direction, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon – I just have too many areas of interest I enjoy documenting, and what I focus my efforts on changes constantly. I love quilting, of course, but I am only able to occasionally dedicate time to sewing and posting about that. It’s my first spring in our new house, and James and I have built a garden that I really like photographing and thinking about, so I imagine some of this space will be used for that. Then there are my sons and homeschooling (if you want to be generous and call it that) which take up most of my energy and thoughts.

I cannot commit to something regular, even weekly, or really a posting schedule of any kind at the moment, but since one of my life ambitions has been to write something, and write something well, it stands to reason that I ought to put more effort into doing something more than throwing something on here on a whim.

There is a chance no one will read this, and that’s okay. I need to do this for myself. If anyone else finds this interesting, even better. I enjoy putting pen to paper (and then later typing it!). Wish me luck!

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