My First Stash Post!

My quilting brain has been all over the place lately. For once, I have actually been able to set and get work done and actually finish things, or if not finish, make significant progress.

The gray, green and yellow quilt is finished, save for about half of the binding. I’m hand binding it though, and usually only work on it when I’m at my MIL’s house, and I haven’t been over there in a few days. ( I love hand binding. One day I’ll write an entire post on just that.) It will still take me some time to get it photographed and a post written on the quilt. I’m really excited to write about this quilt. I learned so so much making and quilting it, and I really look forward to documenting and sharing all about the process. I still need to name it, too. Nothing I’ve thought of is really sticking.

Lately I’ve been making it a point to look at more contemporary and modern quilts for inspiration. Even though the patterns I tend to favor are more traditional, I love the color and design choices other quilters make, and I hope to learn and experiment as I continue to work.

One downside (and by “downside, I mean only to my pocketbook) to following quilters on IG, though, is all the gorgeous fabric I’m now exposed to! Without these other quilters, I might not have even known about some of the most beautiful fabric lines coming out. When I look for fabric online, I hardly really know what I’m looking for other than color or print, so now I’m becoming more familiar with lines and names and oh I just get so excited. It’s a bit of a double edged sword for me. One on hand,  I love looking at fabric. On the other, I simply cannot afford to buy every piece I want to, so seeing the fabrics people share can be a bit of a nasty temptation, and I hate that feeling. It makes me feel very materialistic (is that a pun?), so sometimes I have to step back. Of course, when I do indulge occasionally I want to share, although sharing on IG makes me feel a bit braggy, even though I don’t mean it that way and I don’t think other people mean it that way either.

All of that is to say, in a really long and drawn out way, that I am going to post pictures of my new acquisitions here, on my blog, occasionally. Of course, like most reasonable people, I have a rule that says I must not buy fabric unless I have a specific project in mind, and of course, like most excitable and enthusiastic fabric lovers, I never follow that rule.

This collection is called Autumn Woods, by Kate & Birdie for Moda
14181610987_6c5168caab_b14344968296_975539cbf0_bI am just in love with the textures in these fabrics, and it’s so so hard for me to find a nice orange. I work a lot with gray, so those will make a lovely addition for my stash as well. I don’t have anything in mind for these, so at the moment they are sitting on my desk looking pretty.

This line I bought as a gift for myself in April, and fittingly, it’s the April Showers by Bonnie & Camille for Moda

14366567352_45be1de1cc_bUsually when I see fabric (or anything really) that I like, I try to resist the initial urge to purchase, and think on it a few days. Well, a layer cake of this collection came up on the Missouri Quilt Co daily deal, and I passed it up, and for once, actually really regretted it. So later, after I had saved a  bit of money (and it was my birthday!), I went ahead and grabbed the whole line in fat quarters. Like Autumn Woods, I’ve got no plans for this other than to sit and ogle it for a while.

After these have sat on my shelf for a while, maybe a few months or longer, I’ll separate them and incorporate them into my main stash. I’ll write later about how I organize and consider fabric for quilts, because I really enjoy the process. I’m not one who gets fabric and immediately cuts into it. It’s got to sit and acclimate a bit before I can really work out what I want to do with it.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I have been trying to get here to write more, and I’ve been doing well with keeping a physical notebook of ideas, but finding the time to post is difficult. Baby Yuri doesn’t nap at any convenient time so it’s hard to squeeze this in in between housework, momming, the etsy shop, and actually quilting.

5 thoughts on “My First Stash Post!

  1. Hello there, can’t wait to know more about the quilt your are binding (photo please :-). Also looking forward to this binding post (I also enjoy hand binding, at night in front of TV).

  2. That April showers was so darling in the store that I wanted some as well. Such great basics and classic yet whimsical designs. Autumn woods! I hadn’t heard anything about it online but saw it in a LQS and it is just beautiful. I also am resisting the urge but I feel like it’s one I will buy eventually. My rule for fabric is that it has to be on sale. I lucked out this week but it feels like a long time until the AW will be on sale 🙂

    • That’s probably a rule I should try to implement a bit more! Normally I’m a tad better, but lately, since I’ve been looking at other’s work and stashes a lot more, I see so much more than I had before!

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