A Quilt Along!

I think I might do something I’ve never done before, and join a Quilt Along! Here’s where the information is. I’ve grabbed the pattern and I’m printing it out right now to color and play with. I’ve never done any paper piecing before either, so this is all going to be so new.

It’s so timely, though. Just the other day my husband started doodling a beautiful set of stars that he said he thought would make good quilt blocks. I told  him he was probably right, but as I’ve never done any foundation paper piecing it would be a while before we could try them out, and then viola! This pops up on my instagram feed.

I’ve always wanted to meet some other quilters and participate in these QALs and swaps that I see all over the place, so maybe I’ll make some friends! Hope so, at least.

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