fabric acquisitions and several WIP updates

I recently discovered a quilt shop near my house that sells modern fabric, so I’ve stopped by a couple of times to see what they have, and I have been most impressed. They’re getting new fabric in every day, and they have several classes that I’m looking forward to taking, including an into to long arm quilting (required to rent time on the house longarm machine, which I am curious about). They’ve also got free open studio time which I hope to take advantage of this week, because it’s becoming nearly impossible to make much progress on my work at home with the boys.

Here are some fabrics I’ve picked up recently

@urbanspools was having a buy four get one free fat quarter sale, and they just got in some gorgeous #kaffefassett #fabric, so of course I needed to get some #urbanspools

I don’t have any plans for these as yet, but I’m glad to finally have a few brand new pieces from some modern designers in my collection.

I also grabbed this little bundle, after Molli Sparkles showed it on his blog. These particular fabrics have been the inspiration for my progress in the Celestial Star QAL I’ve been working on at From Blank Pages.

I’ve printed out some pages to color to see what I like, and so far I think I’m going to go with something similar to this –

Of course, whether or not I actually *use* the fabrics in the mini quilt is another question entirely, but that’s really beside the point. That’s pretty much par for the course for me, in my experience – start with some fabric I really want to use, plan and plan, and then when the time comes to re-audition fabric to make sure everything works together in the pattern, I pick something completely different.

Besides the QAL, I’ve got a quilt I’m working on for my mom, and another for some friends. I really want to show both of them, but they are gifts and I don’t want the surprise ruined. Oh, and I still need to finalize the pattern and make some fabric decisions on that baby quilt for my friend. Sooo much to do..

Molli Sparkles

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