Celestial Star QAL update

I’ve spent the past few days sitting, sleeping, and ruminating on my fabric choices for this mini quilt (I might also be procrastinating and putting off the actual sewing and cutting, since I’ve never done anything like this before). Fromblankpages (the host), has put some some great posts about color, value, and choosing the right fabrics for the most appealing end result, and I really want to take what she’s written into mind as I make this. My husband as always told me I seem to do well with color (and I believe him, first because it makes me feel good, and second because he is a degree’d artist. He might just be telling me to make me happy,  but who cares), but  I do want to take color more seriously. I can’t go and take college classes on color and design right now, but some craftsy classes and helpful blog posts will have to work.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is I’ve never really been so intentional about how I thought about color in my quilts. I just put stuff together until I thought it looked nice. This is really the first time I have taken a lot of time to sketch and color – and I’m totally seeing how beneficial this part of the process is! With my first quilts I was just so excited to cut into that fabric and get to sewing, and now I see how necessary taking the time to plan and imagine is for making something I could consider art.

Back to the QAL – I’ve taken a couple of pictures of a few different fabric auditions I did, although these are just a small fraction of what felt like a million different fabric pulls.

Let me apologize for not having pictures here – the few I took are terrible quality because I took them at midnight, and so there was no natural light.

In my original sketch, I have navy and a lighter blue next to each other, with a yellow orange and red orange set in between. I knew right off that the navy and the other blue would be solids, and since I had been working with navy and an aqua recently, I pulled those. Now came the hard part; deciding on my oranges. I wanted to use prints here, but the problem I found I kept having was that every single yellow orange I placed next to the navy and aqua fell completely flat. Bright fabrics were completely dulled. I tried so many combinations thinking I didn’t have enough contrast between the red orange and yellow orange. I had to sleep on it a few days, but when I came back to it I realized my problem was not with my yellow oranges or red oranges, but my insistence that I keep the aqua. The aqua and navy looked so nice together I didn’t even think about changing either, but what needed to go was the aqua, so I switched the aqua with a robin’s egg blue, which next to the robin’s egg looked downright green. After making the switch, the yellow orange was so much easier to place. I could actually do better and use this blue, but I’m currently all out of it and I won’t have time to order it before I need to  make more progress on this QAL.


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