Celestial Star QAL update

Here is the progress I’ve made on my celestial star. I’m enjoying the paper piecing, although it’s a bit more tedious an involved, especially the cutting, but that might be because I’m new at this and don’t really know what I’m doing.

After we got home from vacation, I was able to get all of the pieces cut

Last night I was able to get some pieces put together (not much)

I’m pretty happy with how things are turning out. The host has some great tutorials and detailed explanations, and it’s been fun starting to get to know some of the other people participating.

I hope to make a lot more progress tonight, so I’ll get pictures of the finished top soon.

This is completely off topic, but when we got home one of our caterpillars had come out of it’s cocoon, and it’s so pretty I wanted to share. It’s called a black swallowtail, and the caterpillars live in parsley plants. Next year I’m planting a ton more.

Oh oh! And switching directions AGAIN, here is my Sunday Stash.

Ever since I’ve started hanging around modern quilt circles, I’ve come across Tula Pink now and then. I wasn’t sure if I was a fan at first, but the more I see her designs the more I like them, so I’ve been trying to pick up my favorites. Unfortunately, some of them are out of print and it’s been a little difficult to track down some pieces that don’t cost a million trillion dollars, and I don’t have the money to become a “collector”. It’s a real temptation, because the fabrics are pretty and I want them, but they are expensive if they are no longer in print, and when I get them I worry about picking out the *perfect* project for them, and I hope I never get to the point where I think “But I paid $$$ for these, I *can’t* cut into them!!” because I need to remind myself fabric is made to be used. Fabric is made to be used. Yes it’s inspirational, and I don’t need to chop everything up, but getting pretty fabrics can be addicting and it’s tempting for this to get out of control.

Molli Sparkles

7 thoughts on “Celestial Star QAL update

  1. That butterfly is very pretty! And you are so much farther ahead than me on the Celestial QAL, I need to cut my fabric today, I got it all ironed out yesterday, baby steps.

    • I have read that they do like dill. I don’t have any planted this year, but I will probably next year to see if I can attract any more. I think I’ve also read that they eat the tops of carrots as well.

  2. You’re doing great for a first time paper piecer. I have done paper piecing before but I don’t use the gluing method. I like the cutting templates though, it does make it much easier than my more random hit and miss method I usually use!

  3. You are doing a great job on your Celestial star block. Are you doing the 12″ version like I did? It seems the people doing the 24″ are going quite a bit faster. This is a tricky block for a beginner, but don’t give up on it, you can do it! cdahlgren at live dot com

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