Dirty quilt secrets, for the fun of it



1) I am not a perfectionist, and unless it’s a horrible thread nest or something, I don’t unpick seams. like ever. Points not matching? I wasn’t looking when I was sewing and my seam allowance is a tad off? It’s staying. Sorry.

2) I made my first mini and I actually really liked it, although i don’t know what the hell to do with it.

3) I like pretty much zero Amy Butler fabrics.

4) I hate novelty fabrics. All of them. I’ve kept a few in my stash because I thought I might change, but it’s been years and I just boxed them up yesterday to donate.

5) I iron the hell out of my quilt at every step of the process. With steam. And sometimes starch. That fabric is NOT going to sass me.

6) I don’t keep scraps. If I can cut a 2.5″ square out of a fabric I do, but anything smaller than that gets trashed or used as a filler for something like pincushions or something.

7) I used to think I needed a huge stash, because I hung out with old ladies who had fabric stashes that took up entire parts of their house. It wasn’t until I came across folks like Molli Sparkles who kept the fabric amounts down that I realized being a quilter didn’t mean I needed to drown my family in fabric. I’m currently purging everything but the fabrics I LOVE and it feels good.

8) I love dense, traditional-ish quilting. I’m learning to accept that sometimes a few straight lines or echoing is perfect for some quilts.

9) Animals on quilts is gross. I would be mortified if I gave a quilt and it was covered in cat hair. Cat hair is not glitter for lonely people. It’s cat hair and it’s gross.

10) I cannot stand rag quilts. And minky. Can. Not. Stand. Them.

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5 thoughts on “Dirty quilt secrets, for the fun of it

  1. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Who? 4. Yes, well, I have a wine theme ‘planned.’ 5. You betcha. 6. Not even close, I keep it all. 7. I feel envy. 8. Me too. 9. Goes for dog hair too. 10. Yes.
    Excellent quilty little secrets. 😉

  2. LOL I have to love rag quilts because it is the only type of quilt I can be bothered to make. I made some for the girls several years ago and they still sleep with them. I guess I will have to make the real deal when we do our project linus thing for 4-h.

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