Sunday Stash!

My Sunday Stash posts have been a bit sparse, partly because I feel weird about photographing my fabric acquisitions and then talking about them (seems a bit MATERIALISTIC, eh? Get it? Get it?), and partly because I am doing a fabric fast for August. I got a little carried away over the summer with my fabric purchases, and brought in far more than I can put out. Plus, I’m not made of money, and I need to reign all that in and get back to my old “sleep on it a few days” method of discerning whether or not I really need (or even really want) a particular fabric. I’ll admit I surfed the waves of public opinion and popular fads in fabric, and while I didn’t buy anything I realized I hated, I did make a few rash purchases that I may not have if I had used some discretion.

Anyway, here are some fabrics I did really like, and liked from the moment I saw them.

Last fabric acquisitions for until at least September, hopefully longer if my self discipline is strong enough. I know acquiring material goods (haha, pun intended) are not the solution for problems, but coming home to these on my doorstep was nice after

Some more Tula Pink, because I’ve really come to love those animals, and the Arizona collection by April Rhodes for Art Gallery fabrics. Lately I’ve been thinking about what I might want to do with the Arizona collection. I am considering a medallion quilt, using a scaled up Celestial Star pattern, with several borders of either the patterned Arizona fabrics, or the solids cut and pieced into something resembling Seminole patchwork. But, that would require I buy more of the fabrics, because I only have fat quarters, and since I’m trying to cut *back* on purchases, I may need to reconsider. So far I like the medallion quilt idea the most. Not sure yet. Ideas are welcome.

Oh yeah, and Doctor Who last night. Awesome, yeah? Totally loving Capaldi.

Molli Sparkles

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