Taking a quilty break

Things have been really slow around here, crafty-wise. I’m stressed about a few things, and sometimes I’m able to turn to quilting to relieve some of it, but right now it’s the opposite. I am just not excited about sewing right now. My inspiration has dried up. My desire to touch new fabrics or browse the endless ideas on pinterest has completely gone. It’s a strange feeling, and not one I imagine will last forever.

So, for now, this blog may be used for other purposes, maybe to document whatever it is I’m working on that’s taking up my attention, or it may sit dormant until my quilt mojo comes back.

For now, the plan is to finish my WIPs, because I have deadlines and I don’t want that baggage of unfinished projects from previous bouts of inspirations hanging over me (it seems when people go through dry periods, and then come back, some of their tastes or the direction their work takes often changes).

I will, of course, post finishes as they come!

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