plus sign quilt finished

Sorry it’s been so long. Christmas is in a little over a month and so it’s sewing crunch time. I have the list I would like to make a dent in from my previous post. I don’t think I’ll come close to finishing them all, but I hope to get at least half done.

Anyway, on to the finish!

This is my first commission, and I was so very excited to do it. The request was for a toddler, and the family, as far as I know, is pretty outdoorsy. She said she liked hunter green and was getting a lot of wood furniture for the little boy’s room.

I know the orange stands out quite a bit, but I wanted some fabric to really pop, and I wanted to use a little more of the Tula Pink “Moonshine” line to go along with that wonderful deer fabric.


The backing is a beautiful wood grain, I think from the Joel Dewberry “True Colors” line.



This was the first time my spray basting really failed me though. I ran out of one brand, and decided to try a different. I took more care to make sure the back and batting were almost-but-not-quite taut when I sprayed, and then I pressed to heat set, but by the time I got it to the machine, it bunched and wrinkled terribly. I only really noticed as I started to quilt, so I had some puckering issues that bugged me. Fortunately most of the puckers are not so noticeable now that I’ve washed the quilt (I do not pre wash). It seems the worst areas are where I used chambray, which I suppose is not a big surprise, as the weave is a bit looser and the fabric stretched during quilting. But as the fabric is a looser weave, they also shrank up nicely during washing and so you can hardly see any puckers. Lesson learned. I’d never used chambray before.


Some stats

Started/Completed: August 2014/November 2014
Size: about 40″ x 48″
Pieced from a variety of designer fabrics including Tula Pink, Andover chambrays, Kona solids, and pieces from my stash
Quilting: Superior Threads Bottom Line 60wt.

Linking back to my Q4 finish list

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