Finished Mom’s mini quilt

If you couldn’t tell by some of my previous posts, I was pretty unenthusiastic about this quilt. I had such lofty goals for this quilt. It was for my mom, and when I picked the fabrics out, I looooved them and couldn’t imagine how they would go together in a way that didn’t look beautiful. I was mistaken, and lost all enthusiasm for a while.

But, I needed to actually finish the thing  because I didn’t want to waste a fabric, and after I decided on a layout for a large sized mini quilt, I thought I could, if nothing else, use it as an opportunity to practice some pretty free motion quilting. As the quilt isn’t modern at all, and seemed a bit, well, I’m not sure how to describe it. Classical? Traditional batik? I don’t know, I thought some more traditional quilting would work on it.

And you know, now that isn’t quilted and finished, I actually really like it. It’s quite pretty, delicate, and  I think it still shows off my own developing quilt style. Plus I learned how to quilt paisleys!


I did cream thread on the cream fabric, and a dark purple on the purple areas. I quilted paisleys everywhere except the middle purple, where I did straight lines to break up the paisleys and frame the center, and the center purple where I did a freehand flower-ish thing with bubbles, which were a PAIN, but look okay.

15778049882_6567863814_oHere is a closeup of the center. These were my first attempt pebbling or bubbling, and there are some mistakes, but I don’t think anyone is going to look that closely.

15157056963_f32a598227_oA closeup of the paisleys in progress. The purple thread was not as forgiving as the cream, and so I had to rip out some a few times and quilt more carefully, but overall, for a first quilt with this particular filler, I’m pretty happy.

15870425975_0eb38d59a5_oThis quilt is my first quilt where the spray basting totally failed me. Whatever brand I used this time just didn’t hold anything together, so I have some serious pucker issues. I just sewed right over them to flatten them and hope no one holds it against me. By the time I realized how bad it was it was far too late.

15677140917_281eb5979c_oThe really good thing about this quilt, and a pleasant surprise considering all of my ups and downs with it is that for the first time, I have produced a quilt where I think the back is really just about as pretty as the front. I just love the differences of textures on top of the Kaffe Fassett fabric.

The stats
Size: 36″x36″
Fabric: various batiks on the front. Backing and binding is this purple striped Kaffe Fassett.
Thread: pieced and quilted with gutermann. ditched with superior threads bottom line.
Started/Completed: June 2014/November 2014


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