IG Mini Quilt Swap completed!

I can finally post the finished pictures from my first swap! I didn’t want to write about  it on here so I wouldn’t give away the surprise, but now that the recipient has received it I can post pictures and talk about it a little bit.

Swaps are pretty popular on instagram, and I really wanted to join in on what seemed like a ton of fun, and I loved the idea of pretty mini quilt presents coming in the mail, and mini quilts are a small enough project that you can try something totally new, or do something really intricate, and it not take a long time.

When I got the information for my partner, I was initially a little intimidated. I’ve never made anything for another quilter, and so she would probably be quite able to pick apart all of my mistakes. What if I got her aesthetic wrong? What if my skill level wasn’t up to par? Everyone is usually such a good sport, but still, what if she was disappointed about what I made for her?

Her likes were Carolyn Friedlander fabrics, and she seemed to like really modern, clean and geometric patterns. She liked paper pieced patterns, and wonky stars.

I found a few different patterns (and then as I looked through her IG I realized one of my options was something she’d actually made before, so I didn’t want to make that).

I ultimately decided to make another quilt using the Celestial Star pattern from From Blank Pages, but instead of the normal border, I wanted to do flying geese because 1) they are really popular and 2) because I’ve never done it before.

15820605786_1d87c253bd_oThe entire top is paper pieced, which (especially the flying geese), was tedious as hell. I don’t regret doing it, but it just took a long time and I don’t think they’re something I’m going to do a lot of.

I went ahead and stayed within the entire Carolyn Friedlander Botanics line because she said she liked them. I was initially “meh” about the line, but as I worked with them they really grew on me. Normally I don’t like to stay within just one line of fabric because it feels a little too easy, but sometimes you just need everything to work together, and so sticking within a line works.

15846623245_804c86a0dd_o15820777766_b8bc012e60_o15225164464_13b8490fa8_oHere are a few detail pictures of the fabrics and quilting. My piecing isn’t perfect. I’ve got chopped off corners and some puckers, but I’m improving I think.

For quilting, I thought some echoing lines and semi-matchstick would work well around the center star and on top of the flying geese, which proved pretty difficult to decide on a quilting scheme that would work with the flying geese.

15660298489_fa2dc61620_oNow to wait for my mini to come in the mail!

2 thoughts on “IG Mini Quilt Swap completed!

  1. I don’t quilt but wanted to let you know that I think this is absolutely beautiful!

    I’m also tough on myself & highlight any mistakes I make when crafting, but you should definitely be proud of yourself for creating such a lovely piece.
    I love the design and the use of colour, & can tell that it took a lot of hard work.

    Well done 🙂

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