First finishes for 2015

Yesterday was a really productive day for me! I was able to get my Schnitzel and Boom mini quilt finished, gather all of the extras, and mail it today.

Please forgive the bad lighting, on this one. I finished it late at night. I really liked the fabrics, although I am not totally in love with the layout. If I had it to do over again I might have picked something more cohesive, like chevrons or something, and I am a bit nervous about the quality of my hand stitching, but I still do like it overall and I hope my partner likes it.

I sent a few extras along with the quilt. Hopefully it won’t be too long before they make their way to Australia!

I also finished a ring bearer pillow for the wedding of some close friends. The wedding is in about two weeks, and the person who was originally going to make this wasn’t able to. I think I did a rather nice job, considering I wasn’t totally sure what the bride had in mind.

Now to finish the wedding quilt!

3 thoughts on “First finishes for 2015

  1. The ring bearer pillow is VERY pretty. I like your quilt, too. I like the setting, as well. Everyone is doing chevrons, and this is a little different. =)

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