4.11.15 Stars vs Preds Game Recap (Anyway, Here’s Wonder Chart)

Deep in the Heart of Hockey

This game recap is going to be a little bit different because a) I was at the game in person, and b) I’m still reeling from the events of last night.

You see, I wasn’t even going to go to this game. I didn’t have tickets. And then Wednesday, when it was clear that Jamie was tied for the scoring title, I was thinking about it. On Thursday my friend Mary said she’d go with me. By Thursday evening, I told her I had to be responsible and save my money since I was already going to a Texas Stars game on Friday. And then by Friday afternoon, I’d had my YOLO moment and we had tickets.

We drove into Dallas and it was like a fog lifted. Because it did. Literally. Austin is grey and damp this weekend, but Dallas was sunny, mid 70s, and perfect for splitting a…

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