Please bear with me while I slowly start adding my finishes and the info for each on here 🙂

texas tech quilt completed


Name: I called it simply, the “Texas Tech Pinwheel” (the backing is in TT fabric) because I tried to stay within the colors of the school.
Made for: my eldest son’s godfather, a TT alumnus and good friend of my husband.
Dimensions: No idea, but you can see the relative size in the picture above.
Started/Completed: Started Christmas 2011, completed spring 2012
Fabric: This is long before discovering designer fabric, but that’s okay. There is a mix of qualities and store brand homespun, as well as some random batiks through in there.
Quilting: No quilting! I didn’t have the nerve or a walking foot, so this one is tied. This quilt is meant for guilt free snuggling on the couch.
Favorite Part: The narrow border. I feel like it makes it feel a little extra masculine. I also rather liked orienting the blocks so they kind of looked like Tetris shapes. Obviously very early in my quilting journey.

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bargello completed

Name: Bargello: Nebula. The colors and fabrics reminded me of space.
Made for: My brother, on the occasion of his college graduation.
Dimensions: Once again, I completely forgot to get dimensions, but it’s solidly a lap quilt or couch quilt.
Started/Completed: June 2012/July 2012. I did almost all of the piecing and quilting over the span of a few weeks at a class at Joann’s. It was a lot of fun, and since then I have pieced (but not completed) another bargello.
Fabric: It is comprised entirely of batiks. I have told myself before I am not a huge batik fan, but the saturation and brightness for perfect for this.
Quilting: First time using a walking foot. I simply followed the curve of the quilt in Gutermann polyester thread.
Favorite Part:This was a beautiful and super easy pattern that looks a lot more complicated than it really is. My brother uses this quilt a lot, too, which I love.
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texas tech pillow

Name: Texas Tech Cathedral Window Pillow, or something like that
Made for: The brother of our son’s godfather, another close family friend.
Dimensions: around 15″x15″ pillow
Started/Completed: Fall 2012
Fabric: leftovers and scraps from the Texas Tech pinwheel quilt
Quilting: None. This is all hand pieced as well.
Favorite Part: I discovered I liked having handwork, although it took me two years to do cathedral windows again.
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Name: “Jun”. I started it in June. I finished it in June. It’s named after a special little boy I met (through the wonders of the internet), who died in surgery on his heart. He was just 8 or nine months old.

(P.S., if you get a chance, please check out the organization that took care of him during his time here, Little Flower Projects. They are AMAZING, and I truly love those children)
Size: 54″ x 54″
Design: Blocks sourced from Quilter’s Cache
Quilting: Bottom Line thread, 60wt, by Superior Threads, light yellow.
Favorite part: The quilting. I rocked it (for a first attempt, at least). Also, having some sort of inspiration helped me finish this, because before I decided to dedicate (at least, internally, prayerfully) these quilts to the babies in Little Flowers and Love Without Boundaries, I just wasn’t feeling it anymore, and I didn’t know if I would finish. But after the loss of some particular precious children, I used this as a way to constructively work through some feelings. If this quilt sells, part of the proceeds will go to one of those organizations.

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Completed in August 2014 for the Celestial Star Quilt Along by Fromblankpages.
18″x18″, made with primarily Kona solids and prints from my stash
Pieced and quilted with Gutermann polyester thread
I was originally going to call it something like “Diamonds in the Sky” or something, because, to me, the pattern looked like looking at a cut diamond from the top down, but then I thought the name was kind of lame, so I’m calling it “Toclafane”, from the Doctor  Who episodes at the end of season 3. You know, because that’s somehow less lame. 😀
(The Toclafane were humans who came back as little metal balls of spikes that the Master brought from the future. They had been searching for, and did not realize that they would become the “diamonds in the sky”)

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Quilt stats –
Started/Completed: July 2014/September 2012
Name: I’ve been calling it, simply, the Random Chevron Baby Quilt
Size: Small, but still cuddly and great for a baby at 30’X36″
Materials: Kona cotton, and various blue prints (I used some Tula Pink in there – that’s how you can tell I loved who it was for)
Gutermann thread for piecing and the blue quilting, and Superior Threads Bottomline thread for the quilting. Binding was done with scraps.

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Some stats

Started/Completed: August 2014/November 2014
Size: about 40″ x 48″
Pieced from a variety of designer fabrics including Tula Pink, Andover chambrays, Kona solids, and pieces from my stash
Quilting: Superior Threads Bottom Line 60wt.

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