plus sign quilt finished

Sorry it’s been so long. Christmas is in a little over a month and so it’s sewing crunch time. I have the list I would like to make a dent in from my previous post. I don’t think I’ll come close to finishing them all, but I hope to get at least half done.

Anyway, on to the finish!

This is my first commission, and I was so very excited to do it. The request was for a toddler, and the family, as far as I know, is pretty outdoorsy. She said she liked hunter green and was getting a lot of wood furniture for the little boy’s room.

I know the orange stands out quite a bit, but I wanted some fabric to really pop, and I wanted to use a little more of the Tula Pink “Moonshine” line to go along with that wonderful deer fabric.


The backing is a beautiful wood grain, I think from the Joel Dewberry “True Colors” line.



This was the first time my spray basting really failed me though. I ran out of one brand, and decided to try a different. I took more care to make sure the back and batting were almost-but-not-quite taut when I sprayed, and then I pressed to heat set, but by the time I got it to the machine, it bunched and wrinkled terribly. I only really noticed as I started to quilt, so I had some puckering issues that bugged me. Fortunately most of the puckers are not so noticeable now that I’ve washed the quilt (I do not pre wash). It seems the worst areas are where I used chambray, which I suppose is not a big surprise, as the weave is a bit looser and the fabric stretched during quilting. But as the fabric is a looser weave, they also shrank up nicely during washing and so you can hardly see any puckers. Lesson learned. I’d never used chambray before.


Some stats

Started/Completed: August 2014/November 2014
Size: about 40″ x 48″
Pieced from a variety of designer fabrics including Tula Pink, Andover chambrays, Kona solids, and pieces from my stash
Quilting: Superior Threads Bottom Line 60wt.

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Baby Quilt #2 and #3


This quilt was a fun one. Yuri’s godparents were expecting a baby girl, and I thought I had another month, but I had the due dates wrong, and so I was in quite a rush when I got the text saying she had been born, and I hadn’t even started cutting the fabric!

They told me they were decorating in a jungle theme, so I tried to stick with colors that would work for that. It’s a baby quilt, and squares are easy, but I didn’t want to do plain stripes or random placement, and I saw something similar on pinterest, so this was perfect for something that I could get together in just a few days.

I think echo quilting is great for baby quilts because it’s so fast, looks good, and keeps the quilt fluffy and soft, so I did that for this on every seam going horizontally. I didn’t want the quilting to disrupt the fabrics too much vertically, so I opted for just every other block, and it made a nice stacked brick effect. Definitely a design I will use again for future baby quilts.

I have a few designer fabrics in this one, and several solids. I have some Kate + Birdie (the orange), and some Art Gallery scraps from a scrap bundle I bought years ago (the yellow). The rest were just randoms from my stash.

The back is actually my favorite. I wasn’t crazy about Far, Far Away, by Heather Ross, but when I picked out this back for this quilt, I realized I just hadn’t found the right use for it. My local quilt shop sells this in a few different colorways, so I bought some more for future use, because it makes just the *perfect* quilt back for a baby quilt. Those unicorns are so adorable and whimsical. I kept some scraps of complete unicorns just in case I need to look at them again.

I really apologize for these pictures. I took them quickly and haven’t bothered to edit.

This is the third baby quilt I’ve made this year, for another little girl. Mom said she’s decorating in teal and gray, and I have always wanted to make a plus sign quilt, so this was the perfect opportunity to make one. I love the plus sign quilts – they can be modern, scrappy, or all over the place, and they still look good.

Again, the fabrics that comprise this quilt are an assortment of solids (all of the grays and one blue), a few designer fabrics, and a few randoms from the stash. Quilting was simply echo quilting, and I think it works perfectly. The binding is scrappy from leftover blues I’ve got laying around, from this quilt and baby quilt #1.

The backing is a simple gray print I bought from my LQS, and even though it’s got a fancy designer name, I cannot for the life of me remember it.


All of the baby quilts I have made measure around 30″x36″.



15157053120_e5d54d265b_k 15158206997_59d5e3d899_k


Here’s one baby quilt finished!


My first official baby quilt! Pretty happy with this one. It’s my own design and thoroughly modern. I was able to use some of the lovely blues I seem to have a habit of collecting, but hardly ever actually put into quilts, AND got to try my hand a bit at some free motion lettering, in the child’s name.

The back

Quilt stats –
Name: I’ve been calling it, simply, the Random Chevron Baby Quilt
Size: Small, but still cuddly and great for a baby at 30’X36″
Materials: Kona cotton, and various blue prints (I used some Tula Pink in there – that’s how you can tell I loved who it was for)
Gutermann thread for piecing and the blue quilting, and Superior Threads Bottomline thread for the quilting. Binding was done with scraps.