The wedding quilt is done!

With two weeks to spare!

Even though I’m feeling some quilt fatigue (you know, when you have been working on a quilt on and off for a while, so the novelty and excitement you got from cutting into the fabric and trying a new pattern has completely gone?), but I still really like this quilt.

Here are a few different angles of the quilt after it was all completed

The pictures on the left are prewashing, and the pictures on the right are post washing. I don’t typically prewash any of my fabric before I cut into it because I like that it’s a bit crisper, and I like the crinkly look of a quilt after I wash it when it’s completed. Plus, for a quilt that’s intended for on the couch snuggling, I wanted to make sure there weren’t any leftover residues from dyes or marking pens or anything.

I went for really simple feathers in the colored areas

and a slightly more complicated stencil in the white

The back

The whole process for this quilt was quite enjoyable. There were a few times when I felt bogged down because I hadn’t decided on the quilting I thought would work best, but once I solved those problems it was smooth sailing. I tried some new techniques, like using a piece of plexi to audition some quilting motifs before committing and marking the quilt.

I used the pattern and ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful, called Metro Medallions using the Quick Curve Ruler, and I was really, really please. It was simple to use, I had no problems piecing the curves, and whenever I had a question there were tutorials readily available. The ladies are also pretty easy to reach on Instagram as well! I look forward to making another of their patterns someday.

I’ll leave you with a few process pictures.

..And that’s another finish for my quarterly link up!


2015 quarter 1 link up party

These Finish Alongs are such great motivation to get all these half finished projects done. I’ve been feeling really creative lately and have drawn out patterns for several different quilt ideas, but I don’t want to start more projects without getting the ones in limbo all over my house completed. The further away I get from them, the less likely I am to actually finish them, and the thought of an unfinished, no longer loved, quilt project makes me sad.

My list of UFO’s

1. The wedding quilt. It’s so close to being done, and it needs to be finished by Jan 31
2. The Danica quilt. The anniversary of the death of the little girl that inspired this quilt is in just a few days, so it seems fitting I should complete it near that time. If I can, I will write about that precious little girl. I can’t promise though, because it is something I still get very emotional about, and I’m not quite sure if I want to share on this blog.
3. Bargello: Apocalypse. It needs borders and quilting.
4. Mini for schnitzel and boom mini swap. This one is a sure-fire finish, as I need to ship it in just a few weeks.
5. The blue and gold quilt kit from years ago. Yeah, I still haven’t finished piecing it. I won’t get it done this quarter, but I’ll sure as hell make some progress, dagnab it.
6. Christmas tree skirt. Yeah, I said I was going to make a table runner, but then I realized I didn’t have a tree skirt!
7. My arizona fabrics quilt. Not even cut, but lately I’ve had dreams about a lovely pattern I’ve started to doodle out.
8. practice quilted placemats from ages ago
9. Spring Fling Mini quilt swap using April Showers fabric



botm block 415067187596_f3ac1a27a0_k

oh boy

oh boy

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Finished Mom’s mini quilt

If you couldn’t tell by some of my previous posts, I was pretty unenthusiastic about this quilt. I had such lofty goals for this quilt. It was for my mom, and when I picked the fabrics out, I looooved them and couldn’t imagine how they would go together in a way that didn’t look beautiful. I was mistaken, and lost all enthusiasm for a while.

But, I needed to actually finish the thing  because I didn’t want to waste a fabric, and after I decided on a layout for a large sized mini quilt, I thought I could, if nothing else, use it as an opportunity to practice some pretty free motion quilting. As the quilt isn’t modern at all, and seemed a bit, well, I’m not sure how to describe it. Classical? Traditional batik? I don’t know, I thought some more traditional quilting would work on it.

And you know, now that isn’t quilted and finished, I actually really like it. It’s quite pretty, delicate, and  I think it still shows off my own developing quilt style. Plus I learned how to quilt paisleys!


I did cream thread on the cream fabric, and a dark purple on the purple areas. I quilted paisleys everywhere except the middle purple, where I did straight lines to break up the paisleys and frame the center, and the center purple where I did a freehand flower-ish thing with bubbles, which were a PAIN, but look okay.

15778049882_6567863814_oHere is a closeup of the center. These were my first attempt pebbling or bubbling, and there are some mistakes, but I don’t think anyone is going to look that closely.

15157056963_f32a598227_oA closeup of the paisleys in progress. The purple thread was not as forgiving as the cream, and so I had to rip out some a few times and quilt more carefully, but overall, for a first quilt with this particular filler, I’m pretty happy.

15870425975_0eb38d59a5_oThis quilt is my first quilt where the spray basting totally failed me. Whatever brand I used this time just didn’t hold anything together, so I have some serious pucker issues. I just sewed right over them to flatten them and hope no one holds it against me. By the time I realized how bad it was it was far too late.

15677140917_281eb5979c_oThe really good thing about this quilt, and a pleasant surprise considering all of my ups and downs with it is that for the first time, I have produced a quilt where I think the back is really just about as pretty as the front. I just love the differences of textures on top of the Kaffe Fassett fabric.

The stats
Size: 36″x36″
Fabric: various batiks on the front. Backing and binding is this purple striped Kaffe Fassett.
Thread: pieced and quilted with gutermann. ditched with superior threads bottom line.
Started/Completed: June 2014/November 2014


linking back to Q4 finish

Q4 To Be Finished Linky Party

Thanks to Alice at Blossom Quilts, I’ve just learned about a link-up party, complete with prizes, for WIPs I’m working on this last quarter. I need to finish all these anyway, and what better incentive to get off my bottom and get to work than PRIZES?!?

So here is my list:

1. The cream and purple batik table cover (needs to be basted, quilted and bound)
2. Metro Medallion wedding quilt (need to finish quilting and binding)
3. Tula Pink Moonshine commissioned toddler quilt (need to finish piecing, baste, quilt and bind)
4. Celestial Star Mini for the IGMiniSwap (need to piece, baste, quilt and bind)
5. Winter’s Lane Christmas quilt – I’m thinking a chevron quilt (need to cut, piece, baste, quilt and bind)
6. Danica’s Sampler (need to quilt and bind)
7. Bargello: Apocalypse (needs borders, basting, quilting and binding)
8. Christmas table runners using Kate Spain’s Joy line (cut, piece, baste, quilt and bind)
9. Scrappy Cathedral Window pincushions for Christmas gifts – have mats for 10, plan to make at least 8 (all hand pieced, about half done)