Wow. Where to begin?

Seven months goes by SO QUICKLY! I never meant to fall off the face of the earth, but here we are.

Our third little boy was born January 10, weighing in at 8lbs even. We named him Benedict Michael (hereafter on this blog as “Beanie”, thanks to his older brothers). He’s a sweetie.

The birth went really well and there were no complications and he fits into our family perfectly.


His brothers are growing up, too. Yuri turned 3 a little over a month ago and is delightful and trouble and mischievous and clever and very hard to stay on top of. He colors on walls without abandon and without regard to consequence, cuts his hair with no second thought, punches his older brother on a daily basis, and really enjoys helping out in the kitchen. He has also recently learned how to play minecraft, so he and Kostya do that nearly every day, until Yuri starts breaking everything Kostya has made. I think this photo pretty much sums it up.

Kostya turned 6 in February, and he is a delight as well. He is progressing through his phonics, and he is a fantastic big brother and a great help around the house. He is usually at the receiving end of a punch from Yuri, but he almost always kind of deserves it, if that makes sense.

I cannot believe how old they are getting! I have three sons! It is the best ever.

After Christmas I decided to shut down my etsy shop, probably for good. Kostya was going to be doing proper homeschooling, I would have three little ones to look after, and with the etsy shop, all of my free time was spent working on it instead of doing any fun sewing. The money was nice, but after four years, it was time to say goodbye. I don’t miss it at all.

In the meantime I have made real progress on my WIP list from the past few years, and, of course, started many new ones and have about a million other things I want to make.

I finished this in the spring as a gift for a friend of ours whose daughter was born about a month after Beanie. I really enjoy using the Quick Curve Ruler and the patterns that go along with it, and this Bonnie and Camille fabric was darling.


After I gifted the quilt, however, Baby’s Mother told me they actually fell in love with the back side of the quilt. Mom had always referred to her daughter as her “Little Mermaid” in utero, and so I found a mermaid panel printed by Hawthorne Threads, and so this is the side they display in the nursery. (This shows off the quilting I did a little bit)

I also finally finished the pink and brown BOTM I started years ago (in my gallery is it’s twin, Jun) and gifted it to one of Kostya’s friends.

I also finished a Halloween wall hanging using Cotton + Steel’s Spellbound line. It’s actually quilted and ready to hang, but I don’t seem to have a picture of it all finished. I’m not sure why I made a wall hanging, and a Halloween one at that. I don’t typically decorate for holidays or anything, and I’m not particularly attached to Halloween. Maybe I just really liked the fabric.

Another big finish (well, almost), is this quilt top I started last spring, but then fell pregnant and felt absolutely horrible and set it aside until this year. The pattern is Alsion Glass’s “Timber” and I chose to use dark neutrals paired with Jennifer Sampou’s Shimmer and Shimmer 2 lines because I felt that, altogether, it would feel “masculine” and even a little bit “dwarfy”. This quilt will be my husband’s when I’m finished and it’s the first quilt I’ve ever used wool batting in. I’ll report back on how we like the wool. In Texas.


Of course there are a million other things going on. I’m homeschooling a bit and I need to update the homeschooling blog. I’ve been reading and cross stitching some. My brother got married. Our garden did well this spring. Life is busy and I am a terrible updater. Also I hate computer, the internet, and most social media, so there you go.


The wedding quilt is done!

With two weeks to spare!

Even though I’m feeling some quilt fatigue (you know, when you have been working on a quilt on and off for a while, so the novelty and excitement you got from cutting into the fabric and trying a new pattern has completely gone?), but I still really like this quilt.

Here are a few different angles of the quilt after it was all completed

The pictures on the left are prewashing, and the pictures on the right are post washing. I don’t typically prewash any of my fabric before I cut into it because I like that it’s a bit crisper, and I like the crinkly look of a quilt after I wash it when it’s completed. Plus, for a quilt that’s intended for on the couch snuggling, I wanted to make sure there weren’t any leftover residues from dyes or marking pens or anything.

I went for really simple feathers in the colored areas

and a slightly more complicated stencil in the white

The back

The whole process for this quilt was quite enjoyable. There were a few times when I felt bogged down because I hadn’t decided on the quilting I thought would work best, but once I solved those problems it was smooth sailing. I tried some new techniques, like using a piece of plexi to audition some quilting motifs before committing and marking the quilt.

I used the pattern and ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful, called Metro Medallions using the Quick Curve Ruler, and I was really, really please. It was simple to use, I had no problems piecing the curves, and whenever I had a question there were tutorials readily available. The ladies are also pretty easy to reach on Instagram as well! I look forward to making another of their patterns someday.

I’ll leave you with a few process pictures.

..And that’s another finish for my quarterly link up!