Texas Tech Quilt: A Reprise

I could be wrong, but I think the Texas Tech Pinwheel quilt was a hit. Our son’s godfather immediately snuggled his quilt after we gave it to him. You can also see the obnoxious backing fabric I used.

Since I’ve finished that quilt, I’ve had a harder time focusing on other projects I have in motion, and so my progress is slow. For whatever reason, I’m just not able to move quickly from one to another. I did get a good portion of a flannel quilt pieced, and I’ll photograph that once it’s done.

I pieced block four of the blues and gold botm in some spare time. It’s not a ton of progress, I know, but it’s something while I try to organize my thoughts and work up the energy to begin a whole new quilt (I have the fabric, but it’s for a queen sized and I’m a little intimidated by the amount I have to cut).

On a whim a few weeks ago, I signed up for a quilting class at a local fabric store. The type of quilt we did was a bargello, and we used this program to help us (it’s free, and after a few minutes of trying to figure it out, it’s really quite helpful for visualizing your bargello quilt). I’ll go into more detail once I actually get my quilt top completed, because I’m a slowpoke in class and wander off to look at fabrics too often to sit and work for hours and hours.

It may take me several more days to complete the top,  because my sister in law just brought this home and blew it up, so my son and his aunties and grandfather are out in the garage playing… at 10:30 at night. đŸ˜€


A finished project – Texas Tech quilt

It took a bit longer than I planned, but the Texas Tech pinwheel quilt is now complete. The delays during the week were mostly caused by a very cranky toddler with his first stomach bug. Between cleaning him up constantly, all of us taking showers several times a day,  about 93876296349853 loads of laundry, and a sudden increase in my etsy orders, my quilt projects had to take a back seat. I’ll post a picture of the quilt and its new owner whenever I’m able to give it to him.

I discovered I really quite like doing the blindstitching for the binding. For my next quilt, I think I would like to try mitered borders and binding. I’m not quite sure how to do that just yet, but I’ll youtube it or something. If only I could convert my enjoyment for blindstitching into an enjoyment of hand quilting…. But I just hate having to put the quilt in a hoop, and I don’t have enough room to keep even a small frame out for very long without feeling claustrophobic. I would also like to machine stitch, but I don’t have to room to set that up either. So for now, it’s just tying.

I also used my darning foot for the first time on the label, and created possibly the uglist piece of embroidery in existence. Oh well. I’ll get better maybe. (I tried to get a picture, but it was so ugly even my camera refused to cooperate)

With my scraps I am making a matching cathedral windows pillow (using this tutorial), but this is only as far as I’ve gotten – I only do a bit of ironing here and there, so it’s taking a long time.

I’ve got the beginnings of another quilt idea stirring up in my brain, too. I bought some lovely delicate damask fabric a few weeks ago from this line, and I thought it was just too pretty to cut up into bow ties. I decided I’d like to make a whole queen sized quilt with it, so I’ve purchased the fabric for the top, and I hope to start on it at the end of June.

Almost finished; a little sad

All I have left on the Texas Tech pinwheel quilt is to sew on the binding, which I should be able to get mostly done tonight. It feels strange to come to the end of a project. I’m still a fairly novice quilter, and my first quilt took me years to finish because I wanted to hand quilt it, but rarely took the time to actually do it. My MIL ended up finishing the quilting for me after my husband and I got married.

I tied this quilt, and so it was done in an evening. I have it folded and set aside for the moment, because I took some time to reorganize my fabric stash. Since opening my etsy shop, I’ve bought a lot of fabric, both for the store and for personal use, and my collection as outgrown the original two small plastic tubs. I don’t mind having more fabric around. Sometimes it’s nice to sift through and look at, although if all my sewing stuff is out for too long I start to feel a little cluttered and have to put it away for a while, which is what I am doing tonight. When I decide to tackle another full sized quilt I can pull it all out and get fresh color ideas.

I’m at a loss for what to do with many of my store scraps. Many are strips no more than an inch and a half wide, some as wide as three or four inches. I’d like to make some sort of scrap quilt, but I haven’t even begun to look through what I have. At one point I started cutting some scraps into 2.5″X2.5″ squares for a future around the world quilt, but looking at the scrap boxes now makes me feel anxious and cluttered. I don’t want to throw them all away, but all of the effort it will take to cut all the pieces and strips for my scrappy quilt feels overwhelming. I suppose I could just set all of those aside for now until I don’t feel so crazy.

Finishing the TT pinwheel quilt makes me a little sad. Not because I am at the end of the project – I really look forward to giving it to whom it is intended, but because I really threw myself into the making of this quilt after my second miscarriage (you can read a short version of the story here). I don’t think I used it to “get away” from my grief, although it seems I have to some extent. Now that it’s almost over, and the due date for the baby from my first miscarriage is just next week, I do find myself feeling a little melancholy.

Most of the time I am happy, but it’s hard watching others plan for the arrival of their children when I am not and should be. I pour my hope for the future into my sewing I think, and so when the project is finished, my hope gets stoppered (until I can move on to something else). I think I will probably have to make another quilt. I’ll look through some patterns tonight.

To be absolutely, perfectly honest – I just want to hold my newborn someday. My last two chances have gone, and the day I hope for keeps getting further and further away. It makes me sad.

Boring update.

Sorry it’s been so quiet here. I have been busy working on everything, but not making so much progress to take pictures.Mostly I’ve been a little slammed with my etsy shop, so that takes up a lot of my sewing time.

1. Yesterday I got the last of the borders onto the Texas Tech pinwheel quilt, and today I got it basted and framed, so I should be able to get it tied over the weekend and the binding on next week. I’ll photograph it when it’s all finished. With the leftover backing fabric and scraps from the front I am making a matching pillow. I’m going to try Cathedral Windows, since I love the way it looks, and a pillow seems like a nice way to try it out without having to commit to a full blanket.

2. Today I will hopefully finish cutting the pieces for the second flannel quilt and be able to start piecing them this week. I have to say, these flannel quilts are not my favorite, and so when I have time to work on projects, I usually pick something else. But I’m never going to whittle down my flannel stash unless I actually DO something, so I’m making myself work on it. Cutting is one of my least favorite steps, and I picked a more complicated (but still pretty simple) pattern (see this entry).  My next flannel quilts will be simpler.

3. I finally got around to making a new cover for my ironing board. My last was about three years old and poor quality and GROSS.

My MIL found some heavier fabric from her stash and gave it to me, and I used the leftover batting from the pinwheel quilt to cushion it. It’s not falling apart and dirty, so I’m pleased with it!









And the rest of my day? I played in the bubbles with this guy –

another project to introduce (sorry!)

I apologize for the lack of updating. I’m still not sure how much I want to update here. I like this blog so much already, and so I want to do more than my original one-post-a-week thing. That, and I have about a million different craft projects going on over here.

With all these different projects, things are getting chaotic, so I’d like to try to organize it a bit. What I’m going to do is tag the heck out of each of my entries, and that way it might make it a bit easier to follow the progress of one particular project. I’ve never been the type to just work on one at a time, and I prefer to keep a record of what I’m working on as I work on it and not all at the end. I’m going to go back to my previous entries and re-tag as necessary, and give a name to each project. I hope that helps me and anyone reading this keep better track of progress. đŸ˜€

Now on to what I did in the past few days!

1. Finished the first border on the Texas Tech pinwheel quilt. It’s just a little bit of progress, and I’ve got two more borders to sew on, so I didn’t bother photographing that.

2. Got block 3 finished of a botm package my SIL bought from Joann’s ages ago. I started it about 7 months ago, but I only work on it here and there.

Here are my first three blocks –

I’m really excited about these. I’ve discovered I really enjoy doing these block of the month quilts because I get to do little “snack sized” portions of the quilt in a sitting, and I am introduced to new blocks that I might not have otherwise tried. After showing these to my husband, he decided we were going to keep this quilt, and not give it away.

3. I signed up for another botm club, this time through livejournal. Each month a member chooses a block, and we all dig through our stash and make it. Perhaps if anyone is interested, I can also post each block’s instructions on here, so you can follow along as well! I’ve chosen my colors for this one (but I’m not teeeeelllling!) but haven’t made my final fabric choices. As I make each one I will most definitely post pictures!

That’s all I’ve got for now, friends. I’ have an unwell toddler and he’s gong crazy!


First real post – with a picture and everything!

I’m no good at this blogging business, to please bear with me while I figure it all out. I knew I had to post something soon, or else I’d lose my motivation and this blog would go the way of so many of my other projects. That is, nowhere.

So here we go – a project in progress. I started Christmas Eve last year (I remember watching Mass on TV at my parent’s house). This is only the second real quilt I’ve made, and my first for a particular person and purpose. It’s also the first time I’ve attempted triangles.

It is intended for my son’s godfather, a Texas Tech alumni, hence the color scheme. I had a good deal of red and black fabrics, and it took me a while to find a pattern I liked that felt masculine enough. The pattern I originally followed didn’t call for any sashing, but since I worked from my scrap stash and didn’t have the required amounts of fabrics for the pattern, the end result was a lot more random and felt too chaotic when I put it together without sashing.

My next issue was trying to think of a way to organize the blocks, which took a few weeks of rearranging before I gave up and set it aside for a while. Then one night I woke up with an epiphany! Tetris blocks!

red and black and tech all over

It’s not perfect, but I grouped blocks that looked enough alike for the most part together into Tetris like configurations, and honestly, this arrangement was the most pleasing to my own eyes, and so that’s what I went with. There are a few random blocks placed here and there, but by the time I had nearly finished arranging everything, I didn’t care. They ended up where they ended up. My husband said I was over-thinking it anyway.

Now I’m trying to decide what kind of borders I want to put on. I was thinking a black one inch border around everything to continue the sashing, and then a gray one inch border around that, and then maybe another black border, but three inches or so this time around all of that with black binding. The backing with probably be licensed Texas Tech flannel or fleece, with no batting and tied together.

Look! I did it! A post! I’ve got some ideas for future posts, too. So coming up – a post with ceramics updates, this quilt as I finish it, and maybe (if I can find it) the first quilt I ever made. I’ll try to snap better photos of this one as well.